Cristina Gordon Psychotherapy and counselling 

'The wound is the place where the light enters you.' - Rumi 
'Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.' - Brene Brown 
'There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.' - Maya Angelou 
'I am not what happened to me but what I chose to become.' - Carl Jung 
'He who has a "why" to live can bear almost any "how".' - Friedrich Nietzsche 

Time To Focus on You   

Why is it, in our modern times with an emphasis on immediate and constant communication, we seem to experience less genuine connections with each other? Are we forgetting or perhaps even avoiding to connect with what matters to us, our own authentic self? 
Instant connectedness has come to replace reflectiveness and introspection, leading to a loss of intimacy with self and others. Therapy addresses the essential need to stop and check in with ourselves. It promotes connection with our own vitality. 

What is Mental Suffering?   

Mental suffering comes in many forms whether you are struggling with agonising symptoms of depression, anxiety, bodily pain or experience distressing feelings of anger and rage, shame, guilt, hopelessness, emptiness and even despair. 
Perhaps there is a sense of being stuck, not being able to see clearly, losing your mind or a terrifying lack of meaning. Sometimes it can show up as a mood of unlovability, a feeling of not being good enough or a sense you have become someone you don’t like. 
Such suffering can be triggered and exacerbated by changes in one’s life situation, periods of transition, relationship difficulties, health issues, loss and bereavement. There is a sense that something needs to shift, something needs to change, that you can endure no longer, but how to go about it? 

How Can Therapy Help Me?   

Just as we take care of our bodies, a vital element of self-care is devoting focused time and energy to exploring and understanding our thoughts and feelings. 
Allowing yourself to articulate unbearable anxieties, difficult states of mind, unacceptable feelings and thoughts with the help of an experienced and empathic professional can be a way forward. 
Counselling and psychotherapy offer a private and safe space to take stock, connect, process and reflect on your life in an accepting and non-intrusive relationship. 
A collaborative process, it encourages awareness of patterns in your life, challenges habitual narratives about yourself and supports changes to lessen suffering and increase your enjoyment of life. 

What issues do you work with?   

Some of the difficulties people typically consult me for are listed below: 
relationships problems 
issues that trigger depression and/or anxiety 
low self esteem and lack of confidence 
difficulties at work 
long standing emotional difficulties 
losses and bereavement 
specific problems such as sexual difficulties, addiction and self-harm 
trauma and psychosomatic ailments 
social anxiety 
spiritual crises/exploration 
This list is not exhaustive and there may be other issues that you are struggling with, so do contact me for an initial consultation to see if I can help you. 
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